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The Morgantown Miniaturist

Everyone should have a hobby. My problem is I have too many. My latest hobby/obsession is dollhouse miniatures.

B.C. (Before Covid) I bought a dollhouse and barn for resale. I just needed to clean them up and put them in the store. Then covid hit, and a broken leg later started down me the Ebay rabbit hole for dollhouse accessories. Amazon and Etsy soon followed, while I spent hours sitting on my butt with my leg elevated. And I was hooked. One dollhouse lead to 5 (no joke) and a 5 story (6 ft. tall) structure that now sits in my family room. A constant work in progress. Thankfully the hubs is very tolerant.

Just a bit of history—dollhouses and miniatures, known as "baby houses" date back thousands of years to Egyptian Tombs. The term "baby houses" refers to the size, not who plays with them, as most were off limits to children. Later they became known as cabinet houses and were owned by wealthy matrons in Europe. The earliest recorded house was commissioned in 1557.

The most famous dollhouse is Queen Mary's Doll's House designed by Queen Mary in 1924. Mine aren't quite as exciting or dramatic as those, but I do enjoy it. There

is something about tiny things and I've met a lot of new people that share my love of small things. I am even selling some dollhouse furniture in the store if you are looking for a new hobby.

If you stop in the store, ask me to show you pictures of my newest project—I love to talk about it!


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