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Junk Gardens

This week while trolling through Pinterest I came across a new term, “junk gardening” and of course, I had to research it. What I found out was this current trend in gardening was something I have been doing for years. I just never knew it had a name and I just thought I was being thrifty.

I was never a fan of plastic pots that fade and crack over time. In my house plastic is a dirty word. Everything from tin cans to galvanized buckets, restaurant colanders and old wood boxes became my planters of choice. For years, I had an old parts washer on the front porch that I used for my herb garden. A large chicken waterer and galvanized tubs became miniature water features. Rocks from the property and from tilling up the garden became the edging around my flowerbeds and old bowling balls and a salvaged concrete fountain (transported from Texas to Nazareth to Honey Brook) added architectural interest.

My front porch and beds are in serious need of some TLC. With the business I can’t seem to keep up with the things I used too. My planted crates from years of use have given up the ghost, the parts washer is going to the store for sale, and it is time for something old to be new again. I figure I still have a couple of weeks to seek what I am looking for and you’ll find me trolling Pinterest for ideas.

*All photos are from Pinterest. #1 #2 french country cottage #3


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