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Over Spring Break, as I am now referring to the Coronavirus Shutdown/Broken Leg Mishap, I came across videos expounding the virtues of pour over coffee. Now, as a coffee lover I was intrigued. Ok, so maybe lover is the wrong word— ‘guzzler’ might be more on the spot. I have never met a coffee I did not like— Starbucks, Dunkin’, Clair’s, Morgantown Coffee House, Twin Valley Coffee, and my leftover, 2nd day, too lazy to make a new pot, microwaved, reheated cup. You get the idea.

My all time favorite coffee is percolator coffee. There’s just something nostalgic about it. Made in a CorningWare Cornflower Blue Coffee Pot that sat on the stove in my Grandparents house when I was a kid. I’m sure the coffee was sludge, due to the fact that they just kept reheating the pot and drank it all day.

The coffee flowed at our family parties which involved sitting in the garage with the door open for air, while the Great Aunts and Uncles played Pinochle at a rickety card table drinking Pabst or Miller High Life. The coffee was in one of those giant urns that's used at weddings and funerals. They had no frothed milk, no coconut sugar, no Italian flavored syrup, just coffee in a small white cup.

Just as those old aluminum percolator and CorningWare coffee pots have become a nostalgic addition to current farmhouse decor, I believe in the future, the pour over coffee pot and everything that goes with it will be the collectible.

As a foot note to this blog, my coffee machine quit last week, along with my toaster and dryer, and that’s another blog. I just bought a pour over set up. I like it, but I might buy the CorningWare Cornflower Pot off of eBay just in case my relatives come by to visit.

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