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Thank you for Shopping Small

What a year!

The Virus, business shut-downs, politics, the election, protests, hurricanes, fires out west and the list goes on. Through all of this, small business owners have struggled to keep their dream and their businesses alive. This has not been a good year for small businesses and I’ve seen a lot of really wonderful shops close. Some were able to make the move to online sales, but many just threw in the towel. Not because they gave up, but because they enjoy personal service, the one-on-one interaction with people, sharing the love of their store and merchandise with their neighbors.

In a good year small business ownership is a struggle. It’s a 24/7 job. I wouldn’t even call it a job, more like raising a child. There’s never a moment that it's far from your mind. You do it because you love it. It’s hard to explain to someone who has never taken the risk of business ownership. It is a risk, really, a gamble. Whether it's antiques, dance studio, hair salon, gas station or bakery, support them. These owners are willing to put in the time and take a risk to make your town a better place.

This season make a point to shop small, shop local. Support local businesses. They have a lot to offer and care about the satisfaction of their customers. Be positive, be kind, be generous and be happy in whatever you do.


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