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Frozen Charlotte

The weather is brutal, snow and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, so it’s the perfect time to talk about creepy doll origins. Namely, Frozen Charlotte, a small doll made between 1850 and 1920 in Germany and range in size from less than an inch to 18 inches. They were molded in the standing position and were often naked. They were also known as bathing beauties because they were a bath toy or penny dolls because they cost a penny to purchase. Often glazed only on the front side so they would float face up in the water and some came with molded hats or nightgowns. The smallest ones were baked into cakes, like a King Cake which is also popular this time of year. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Lately I’m a bit obsessed with these dolls. I’ve been making necklaces with them. I was Pinteresting and found a bowl filled with them and I thought it was an amazing way to display a collection. Now for the creepy part. The story goes that in the mid-1800’s a young girl named Charlotte was heading out to a ball with her beau, in a carriage on a cold and snowy night. Charlotte refused to cover her beautiful dress with a carriage blanket so by the time she arrived at the ball she had frozen to death. In 1840 an article was written in the New York Observer about a death in similar circumstances. A poem was written in 1843, A Corpse Going to a Ball. Interesting. On a side note, there are boy dolls called Frozen Charlies.

Stay safe and stay warm, we don’t want you to become a Frozen Charlotte.


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