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We are opening June 5TH!

At a certain age, or by accident, we are all taught not to discuss politics or religion at parties. There is now a whole list of things you can’t discuss because the world is so polarized. I would like to add to the list the co-vid virus, but, since we can’t go to any parties unless they are on ZOOM meetings, I figured I’d break my own rule and talk about a subject we shouldn’t talk about.

Our world has become two camps, any two camps; republican or democrat, capitalist or environmentalist, elite or working class. My perspective on all this is that most people fall somewhere in the middle. The thing is we all love our children and parents, on that we can agree. We are a society with a heart. We self quarantined to save the old, and most vulnerable in our world. We did a great thing at the expense of our businesses, jobs, schooling, income and mental health. Time passes quickly and, after watching every Youtube video, a Hoarders marathon and about 45 episodes of Dr. Phil, I realize it is time to go back to work.

What does that look like? I believe we continue to prioritize the safety of at risk populations; proper hand washing, masks, limiting large groups, etc. We all know the drill. Let’s begin to promote personal responsibility, a novel concept. If you feel safe, go out, go shopping , go to the beach. If you don’t, don’t. Stay home do a puzzle, internet shop. It’s ok! I believe its unrealistic to think that people who have been cooped up for weeks will not drive from a red area to a yellow area to shop. I say open it all, follow the guidelines, I believe this will keep “red” zone populations closer to home.

But ,who am I ? What do I know? I’m just a small business owner who worries about my business 24/7. I don’t have time for parties, small talk or theories on how this started. All I want to do is work.

Epilogue: Looks like I will finally get my wish.We are opening on June 5,

mark your calendars! Hope to see you at Morgantown Market.

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