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Good Witches of Morgantown Market

Witches of Eastwick, I mean Morgantown Market.

It’s that time of year when we participate in the former Witches of Bethel Show, now the Witches Fly North Antique and Artisan Show at the Lebanon Expo Center. I love this show, and our store uses it as a team building exercise to show our dealers how to work together, accept help from others and put aside the old kernel, “There are no friends at auction.” or in this case antique show.

Let me fill in some details for you, cue Mr. Peabody’s Way Back Machine. As a kid I never had many girlfriends, I had friends that would move in and out of my life through high school, college, jobs, and play groups (the kids play groups, not mine) and some of these wonderful people I stay in touch with through the magic of Facebook. So who knew at 50 something I would find my posse, my tribe, my squad, my friends. This group of women are amazing! We laugh, we comfort, we discuss, we support, we defend, and we argue. These fierce women all bring something different to the table and make us all better. (cue a Beyonce song) Now I can only speak for our little group, but every year I find the show empowering and in the end, exhausting (in a good way). We hope you find time to join us in Lebanon, bring your witch hat and broom. On second though buy a new broom, you deserve it.

*If you can’t make it to the show, stop by Morgantown Market, we are open and the hubs is at the wheel. We have items discounted 10 to 50% with little witch hats on pieces we couldn’t get in the truck to take to the show.

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