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That's Crazy!

Did you see the news that Nike has self -lacing sneakers? At a price of $350 per pair. To quote the Kia guy, “That’s crazy!”

So, I have to ask myself, did people have the same conversation when we switched from button shoes to laces?

Let’s toss in a little Jeopardy trivia; modern shoelaces were invented in 1790.

in this case, Modern being defined as having the aglet on the end which means needle. Aglet is Latin by the way. I feel like I have to footnote some sources, so I’ll add them at the end. Another Jeopardy tidbit, laces on shoes have been found in graves from the Neolithic period and specific styles of lacing associated you with your tribe.

High button shoes made an appearance in the mid to late 1800s. The Victorian sense of modesty drove the style to completely incase the foot and ankle in a tight fitting boot made of leather and fabric. Sneakers are made of what? Is this a coincidence?

Button boots were worn by men and women, for strictly practical reasons, they stayed secure all day and were extremely functional for day and night. Button boots remained popular by the elite until after WWI, but as Time magazine claimed in 1933, the button boot is dead. But they also declared “God is Dead. in 1966 so I don’t believe them.

Anyway, back to having sneakers with a battery pack. What's next? Are we really this lazy that we need self- lacing shoes? I think my take away is this, if I’m going to spend $350 ($890) on a pair of shoes, I’d like them to be kidskin leather, preferably made in Italy, and sporting a kitten heel. Who is calling who crazy")

Sources you may find interesting.

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