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No Sheep Required

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sleeper. I love to sleep. My dream job requires me to move, and to be on my feet most of the day, which results in the exhausted kind of sleep that keep the sheep up at night. Then there are those evenings when I wake up, and my brain kicks on, That's when I start to flip the channels to Mannix and Cannon on METV. If it’s later, or earlier I watch 77 Sunset Strip, which is just an hour long add for Bottany 500 clothing for men. Anywho, tonight’s a no sleeping night, I’m not feeling the TV, Netflix or Conspiracy videos on Youtube so I figured I’d work on my blog.

Let’s talk about Farmhouse Decor. What is Farmhouse Style? In a nutshell, Farmhouse was the response to the minimalistic decorating of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It’s country, cozy and charming without being kitschy and cluttered. Classic Farmhouse decor offers warmth and comfort without being fussy. Classic Farmhouse is warm, inviting and touchable. The colors are neutral, using pops of color as accent pieces. The Farmhouse decor mixes a variety of textures canvas, wool, and cotton. The different textures keep the space from looking flat and uninteresting. Try it in your house by layering in mixed metal, but limit the metals to no more than three. Copper, wrought iron and galvanized are some examples. Incorporate organic materials to keep the space grounded. Wood floors, cutting boards, stone, and sisal. A few well-placed accessories and the look is complete. You might be thinking that this style sounds like Country Decor, but Country Styling relies heavily on accessories, where farmhouse keeps them to a minimum which adds an air of sophistication.

Remember, homes are to be lived in, buy what you like, one or two trendy pieces per season. If you have Uncle Bob’s Charlie the Bartender tin windup, display it. If you have Grandma’s psychedelic afghan, use it. Life’s to short not to enjoy it, indulge in the comfort of home. Wow, that was profound. I’m going back to bed, wake me in an hour.

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