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A Witchy Good Time!

The National Retail Federation has estimated that Halloween spending will reach 9 billion dollars this season. 175 million people are planning on partaking in some Halloween fun. 3.2 billion will be spent on costumes, and the number 5 costume for children, and number one costume for adults is a Witch. The origin of witches were natural healers, and witch hunts targeted men, women and children equally (

WOW! That’s dry.

Let’s fast forward about 1000 years to this Saturday, October 13 to Witches in Myerstown and the most fun you’ll ever have in a pointy hat. Every year we join about 150 other merchants for one of the biggest Primitive shows in PA. Formerly called Witches of Bethel, it has now moved to Myerstown at Tulpehocken Manor.

My merchants and I love everything about Witches in Myerstown. We get to hang out, do some great vignettes/displays, and introduce Morgantown Market to new shoppers while saying hello to our repeat customers. This show is rain or shine. Praying for shine, but we have seen it all from freezing rain to hurricane winds. Nothing stops this show from the success it is.

Join us on October 13 at 8:00 am in Myerstown ​at Tulpehocken Manor. The show runs steadily until 3 pm. We will be the ones in the ‘Fly into Morgantown Market shirts,’ cackling at inside jokes and working our magic.

Our store in Morgantown, Pa will be open all day from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, and there will be some witchy discounts on select pieces that did not fit into the truck

to Myerstown.

Remember, we all have a bit of Practical Magic in us... my favorite Halloween movie (LOL).

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