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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are as old as when the first humans looked at their reflections in the water. Polished Obsidian used as a mirror was found in Turkey and thought to date back 6000 years. The Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Chinese and South American ancient cultures all used a form of polished metal, often copper, as mirrors. It is believed that the first glass mirror was made in Lebanon in the first century AD. These mirrors were lined with a reflective surface of lead.

The mirrors we have today were invented in Germany around 1835 when a German chemist developed a process to apply a thin coating of metallic silver to a pane of clear glass. In the Victorian times, the mirror became one of the most cherished possessions in American households. In household inventories of the time, mirrors were the most frequently mentioned item.

How do we incorporate mirrors into home décor? When using mirrors in decorating it is best to take a lesson from art installations that use mirrors. A mirror is not just used for checking one’s outfit on the way out the door but used to make a small room seem more significant. Try using a grouping of mirrors, of a similar style, to add interest to a bare wall. You can also use a mirror to light a dark corner or position it to reflect the sunlight from a window. Remember mirrors don’t need to be hung on the wall. A farmhouse style mirror propped in a corner or placed behind a nightstand adds instant drama to a drab room.

We carry a vanity mirror with us everywhere. What do you see when you look in a

mirror/cell phone? I believe it calls for further reflection.

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