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Kitchen Capers 2

I wish renovations worked like you see on those TV shows, 30 minutes …DONE! At the time I write this we are about 3 weeks in and its moving along very smoothly. The demolition found good dry wall behind everything and not one dead critter hidden behind a cabinet. It’s a hoarder fear, have you watched the show? Ok not a cat, but come on we live in the country, maybe a possible field mouse, don’t judge me. We’ve been living out of bins scattered around the house. The dog has only claimed a sleeve of Ritz crackers.

I have to say my cabinet builders from Country Additions in Birdsboro are a delight to work with. They must have nerves of steel to deal with fussy women all the time. The Hubs has finished the floor enough to get the cabinets and appliances in. I asked that he try to complete this project by the start of hunting season, but hey it’s a process. We still need to do some painting, complete the floor, ceiling, lighting decorating. When does hunting season start this year?

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