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Would You Rather?

The current thing on Facebook is quizzes... where you have to choose between two awesome choices. For example, would you rather eat normal food or trendy food, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, Hallmark Channel vs. Lifetime? You get the idea.

So, let’s play our own Morgantown Market version, "Would you Rather." Which would you rather, early morning or late nights? Which would you rather, Dogs or Cats? Which would you rather, Hamburgers or Pizza? Enough with the easy ones, let’s make it harder. Would you rather Primitive or Mid-Century? Farmhouse or industrial? French Country or Shabby Chic? Just a little harder. Fiesta Dishes or Ironstone? Carnival Glass or Cut Glass? Red-ware or crocks? Coins or stamps?

It's all about choices and every collector makes them. Should I bid on this or wait for that?

Do I keep it or sell it? I have to admit this is one I struggle with, and often the answer lies somewhere in the middle, much to my husband’s dismay. You see, often times he gets home from traveling all week and new (old) furniture has appeared in our living room, family room, kitchen, the list goes on. I have to hand it to him, he’s really good at rolling with the changes. I think he’s afraid I'll want to play, would you rather...Hubs or Antiques?

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