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Spring and Summer Trends

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in my store. I have looked out the windows (which I can see from the register) and have cursed the snow flakes and begged, sometimes out loud, for Spring to stop tauanting me. Our customers are ready to get their hands dirty in the garden and make way for beautiful blooms both inside and outside their homes. Spring has Sprung. Spring Has Sprung. SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Here are some of the trends selling at Morgantown Market.

  • Natural Accents: Wood bowls, troughs, bread /cheese boards

  • Black and White: Lamps, pillows, signs and tea towels

  • Statement Storage: Amish Door chests, Jacobean Buffets, Mid-century Bars

  • Shapely Furniture: Lounges, Fainting Couches, lots of curves

  • Brass accents (go figure)

  • Lavender: the color, herb sachets and the smell

  • Hand-Braided Rugs: I always buy mine used. Flip it over for brighter colors

  • Blanket Ladders: Ladders work in every room horizontal or vertical and pairs with all decors

  • White Dishes with Imperfections. Ironstone or Japanese pottery clean and simple.

  • The use of common object in unexpected ways.

Now which ones have I embraced? Black. Always my favorite. Wood accents, yup. Statement pieces, my house is full of them. Rugs and Lavender for sure! Dishes? I’m a Fiesta girl. As for Ladders, I’m waiting for the perfect one. And who knows, Fall trends are right around the corner.

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