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The Explorer Needs A Map

What to write about? The ever present question when I sit down to work on the blog. Do I read other blogs? Sometimes. I always find it amazing they have so much to talk about. My life isn’t that interesting. So I figured I’d pick a topic on an interesting collectible and lecture....Today’s subject is maps.

Maps are graded like coins or comic books: Excellent condition, Very good, Good, Fair and Poor. Conditions of maps are very subjective. One man’s excellent is another mans good. There are 3 main sizes of maps: Folio 25 in X 20 in, Quatro 13 in X 10 in and Octavo in X 3 in. There are also early miniature maps from 1500-1600 that measure 3.5 X 4.5 in.

Early maps were copper or woodcuts. Color was added by hand coloring and later thru printing for better readability. Early green and brown colors can “burn” through the paper.

The glossary of terms in maps collecting is vast. Some interesting tidbits to throw out at dinner parties are Leo Belgicus, a map of Low Countries in the form of a lion. Gore (not Al) is a section of globe printed on paper to be cut out and pasted on a sphere. Beware, reproductions are rampant. With the ease of ever larger copiers and printers the original map becomes easier and easier to fake.

Always remember to buy what you like. Local towns, townships and counties around you are always a good buy. Even the old Disney or Hershey theme parks look great framed. 1950’s Esso or Shell Gasoline road maps have terrific graphics and look great framed in the man cave.

Have fun with this easy and inexpensive collectible. A large grouping in an office or up

a stairway is simple and goes with any décor. So remember, no matter where you're going or where you’ve been, grab a map so you don’t lose your way.

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