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Smells like...

Here’s a funny story, unless you’re the hubs, then you just stand in the middle of the kitchen and shake your head.

It all started with a cheese display box from an old general store.

I purchased it from an online auction, shipped from Maine. Completely undamaged which was a miracle considering its age. Did I mention it still smells like old cheese?

Anyway I misjudged the size, I thought it was the size of a shoebox, but it was 27in by 20in. Yup, it's big and smelly. It wasn’t going to fit where I had planned, so it sat on the kitchen table for about a week while I tried to find a place to put it. The hubs comment was “You’re lucky you have a store so you can sell it.”

The kids will be home for Thanksgiving, so I have to put it somewhere. Well, long story short I rearranged the entire kitchen, the hubs helped. “All this over a cheese box.” I heard him mumble. I couldn’t be more thankful for a better, or more understanding husband.

From my family and all the merchants at Morgantown Market, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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