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Murder, She Wrote

Advertising is the hardest thing a shop owner has to figure out. Where do you get the most visibility for your buck? Then you have to check the metrics to ensure that the advertising choices are bringing in the customers. We use rack card and a couple of publication to promote our shop, but we use Social Media to promote our big events. Which brings us to The Murder of Crows Weekend Sale Event this Saturday, October 7th from 10 am – 6 pm all three days.

We always try to have fun, imaginative events, something a little different, funny or snarky. It fits the shop's personality. That’s why, with the help of a friend, who gave me an idea tickle (Thanks, Judy) the Murder of Crows Sale Weekend was born.

We get a lot of questioning looks when we say Murder of Crows, and then we always have to explain it; otherwise, it’s the Hegins Pigeon Shoot all over again.

So just to clarify, crows live in a group called a murder. Thus a murder of grows is a group. Morgantown is a collective, a group of merchants. Perfect!

I also found some other strange names of groups and who knows we might consider a future event at the store: a cauldron of bats, a wake of buzzards, an unkindness of ravens, and a knot of toads.

Some of my other favorites are a labor of moles, a prickle of porcupine and a conspiracy of lemurs.

The Antique and Collectible world has had to evolve with the times. The internet has changed our market both in a good way and a challenging way. We have some of the best vendors in the area, which makes our store special. We have events throughout the year that provides an experience for our customers, and we do our best to market it to reach both our old-school clientele as well as our new ones.

An Antique Cooperative like us provides our customers with fresh merchandise from over ninety merchants. We are a Unique group of crows, bats, buzzards, ravens, and toads, at least we are during the fall season.

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