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The Muck and Chuckles

Honestly, I live a somewhat boring life with moments of humor and occasional outbursts of belly laughing. I have a close-knit group of friends that understands and forgives my sometimes black humor. Let's catch up on some since we last talked.

I went to an auction with a friend a few weeks ago which was held right after a torrential rain. The entire place was a mud hole, and the furniture was in a barn that once housed sheep for at least 100 years. The smell in the barn made my eyes water. Now here’s the funny part; it was a bank barn, and the path to the barn became a mud flume. Needless to say, many auction goers began falling like dominos, causing me to burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Well, Karma found a way to make the laughter stop. I stepped in water runoff, and the mud covered both my shoes, but it wasn’t mud. I spent the rest of the day smelling like Ye Old Bank Barn.

I hit another auction the next week, and found a hardware store cabinet with lots of little drawers and so much more that I couldn’t fit it all in the "burb." The hubs had to go back with the truck not once, but twice. He was not a happy camper. So to make up for it, I cleaned the garage so he could pull in his truck. I'll say it again, "I am a hoarder."

I planned to keep the hardware cabinet, but one of my dealers talked me into putting it in the store. The piece weighed a ton; I peed myself a little lifting it. Oh, the curse of being a 50-year-old woman whose husband is out of town. If you decide to buy it, it is available for pick up...on days I don't work.

Life is too short not to find the humor in the muck of it all. I hope you all have had a great month filled with friends and laughter.

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