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Nope. Not Today

This week I had to do that hated of all tasks— clothes shopping. I always seem to wait until I have nothing to wear or I have a wedding or funeral to go to, then I binge and speed shop. I will admit I prefer to shop at resale, thrift and vintage clothing shops before I go to clothing stores that have 20 of the same style. I had zero luck at all my regular haunts, and I broke down and went to Ko**’*. Let’s talk about current styles. Or should I say rant?

First, why do clothing makers feel that plus size clothes need to have embellishments of embroidered flowers or butterflies on all the back pockets or hems?

Second, does everything need to be infused with Spandex? Why does every pair of pants need to be skin tight from waist to ankle?

Third, I’m going to work in an antique mall, I am not going clubbing. I do not need my shoulders out, spaghetti straps or God forbid a crop top with “Nope not Today” on it.

I will admit I am short but not petite: the size of my rump is my own doing. I don’t want to dress matronly I want to be stylish, but the styles leave something to be desired. Offer me something classic and well-made at a price I can afford. Create a simple black dress without odd 2-inch ruffles at the shoulder. Give me a pair of pants that just because they are plus size don’t have an inseam for someone that is five-eleven. Conceive something from quality materials that will last more than three washings without losing it's shape or coming apart at the seams.

Given the quality of materials of today's clothing I have to wonder what will be available in resale, thrift and vintage shops in the future? In museums, you can find clothing that dates back to the dawn of the kingdom of Egypt, 5100 to 5500 years ago. In local antique stores, you can find wearable clothing from the 1890’s. In

100 years or just 25 will there still be vintage clothing shops? Or will we all be wearing disposable clothing?

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