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Used, Loved and Passed On

Blog ideas are odd; sometimes they come in a flash, and other times I struggle to find something to write. Inspiration comes from many places a piece of furniture, an article I’ve read or something that happened in the store. This week I’m concentrating on moving my kids from here to there, so let’s talk about the value of setting up a household with recycled, reused and repurposed items.

Let’s start in the living room; I was able to purchase two end tables and a floor lamp for $64 at various resale shops and Goodwill. Compare that to Ikea at $120 or Wal-Mart at $150. Let’s talk about a sofa; the color is questionable, a deep green leather in a style that is mid-century, but I picked it up at auction for $20 compared to Ikea $89-$120 or Wal-Mart $249.

Now the kitchen, Fiesta Dishes $1-$6 per dish, my total was $40 for $32. The glasses are a set of Ball Jars for $4.25 for 6 and $6 in drink tops and straws. Ikea dishes $34 for a set of 18 and glasses $6.99 for 6. Wal-Mart dishes $33 for a set of 16 and glasses $6.98 for 6. Okay, so maybe the glasses weren’t the most inexpensive, but they hold up better than those thin glass ones.

The bedroom is small, and storage is at a premium. I found an Empire dresser at an auction for $20 because no one wanted to move it; it is heavy. I also found a set of bed risers at one of the local thrift store and bundles of heavy-duty hangers. Both were under $5.

We need to change the narrative that used items are somehow tainted; that new is better. I know what I bought will be used, loved and passed on (and that's okay). It’s so much better than used, loved and thrown away.

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