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The Yard Sale Drive-By

Ain’t it great to be a gangster. That song plays in my head every time I commit a drive-by of a yard sale. Ok, in reality, I only know that lyric and repeat it like an earworm; I think I heard it in a movie.

The drive by yard sale is a common occurrence in Saturday yard sales. It involves a slow roll while looking for items that will rule out stopping. My turnoffs are Little Tikes Play Sets, diaper pails, kids clothes and Ikea bookcases. If I spy any of these things, I just keep on rolling. Now, to be honest, I have the worst luck at yard sales. I can never find anything. Usually, it ha been picked clean by the time I get there. I am up early, but I am not quick to get going. I have to feed and talk to the dog, drink copious amounts of coffee and of course the biggest time waster of all, Facebook.

Now I have friends who maintain their inventory with yard sales alone. I am in awe of that. One friend found a Cowden Crock from Harrisburg for $10. They go at auction anywhere from $60 to $200 depending on the style. In fact, she is so good at yard sale-ing that she is often invited to shop items right out of their houses.

Another friend is a jewelry fiend. I never even give those trinket junk piles a second look, but she has found 24K gold rings, Victorian jewels, pieces marked with the designer's signatures, and various sterling objects marked and unmarked.

Here are a few tips to be successful at yard sales. Don’t worry these aren’t from me, I should follow them myself.

1. Target your neighborhood. Remember higher end homes usually mean higher prices

2. Assemble your gear. Bottled water, pen, notebook, small bills, measuring tape and tote bags.

3. Get in and out fast.

4. Don’t be afraid to haggle.

I like to roll with the gangsters. Ok, that one is Weird Al Yankovich, White, and Nerdy. You have to watch the video, makes me laugh every time.

I was going to use some rapper slang to wrap (LOL) up my blog post. I urban dictionary-ed it but I still can’t figure it out. All I can say is Peace out, Word to your mother.

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