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Who are Antique Dealers?

When you see them portrayed on TV there are several different stereotypes

  1. Crotchety Old Man

  2. The well coifed man, often the professor type with a strange foreign accent.

  3. Elitist Older Woman

  4. Unknown Age Asian Woman (Gilmore Girls)

  5. Fred Sanford

Let me tell you who antique dealers really are.

  1. 90% have been or are married.

  2. 80% have children

  3. 40% have been in the teaching profession

  4. 60% consider themselves artists

  5. 40% consider themselves historians

  6. 20% are actors or actresses

  7. 30% suffer from some form of depression

  8. 50% have lost a child

  9. 60% are cancer survivors

  10. 10% are hoarders (all of us are in denial)

  11. 25% had parents that sold antiques

  12. 50% identify as Fred Sanford

  13. 100% can’t give it up

I personally fall into several categories. These wonderful people are my friends, they are your neighbors, and they are dedicated to preserving the history. They have a wonder-lust for the past and an appreciation of the future. Because what better way to save the planet then to recycle, reuse and repurpose items.

*No one was harmed by the gathering of the statistical information. Most of the statistics were scientifically collected from extracting the crap that lives in my brain.

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