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How Much Is It Worth?

I never know what will trigger an idea for a blog post. This week it was a Price Guide to Antiques from The Antique Trader from 1970. The merchants in the store always ask me for prices on things, customers when downsizing ask me what is something worth; value and pricing seem to be my forte. I constantly research trends and current prices in order to give accurate information. Here’s some pricing trends I thought you might find interesting.

1970 2006 2017

Artillery Bank $175 $3,105 $350

Butter Mold $16 $575 $20

Limoges Plate $85 $115 $14

Majolica oyster $35 $375 $250

Rye Basket No listing $605 $25

Duck Decoy $25 $4,700 $187

Carnival Glass $33 $126 $33

Wood Bowl No listing $1,207 $45

All items were similar in size, condition and age. The 1970’s Antique Trader was listed a lot of glass and china, very few primitives. I guess there is some formula I should use for cost of living, but you get the idea. Just like the stock market or the price of gold the price of antiques ebbs and flows; will we ever see a boom in the market again? Who knows? In the mean time buy what you love and enjoy its beauty in your home.

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