Shop Small

We live in a small community in Southeastern PA, at the intersection where 3 counties come together; Lancaster, Chester and Berks. Lately we’ve lost several small local businesses due to a number of reasons. At this point I could talk politics, the economy or taxes, but let’s for a minute talk about what small business is and what it does for the community. Small business is the backbone of the community; we’ve all heard that one but its true.

Let’s look at some small business facts.

  1. 70% of small businesses are owned by one person.

  2. 2% of small businesses are franchises, 54% are home based.

  3. 60-80% of all new jobs come from small business.

  4. Small businesses account for 30% of a states economic activity.

  5. The average income for a small business owner is $44,000 a year.

Local businesses in your town need your help. Support them with sharing posts on Facebook. If you receive outstanding service, tag them in a post. Go old school and send them a letter to thank them. The owner’s of these businesses are your friends and neighbors. Give them your support. Remember to Shop Small, Shop Smart, Shop Local.

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