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Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

This summer Morgantown Market had the local paranormal investigators, The Ghost Seekers, in to check out the store. I have to say, ghost busting was an item on my bucket list and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the investigation. One of the questions they asked me during the initial interview was, “Do you think the noises and experiences are attached to the building or items in the store?”

That got me thinking; do the items we cherish from loved ones passed, hold a little of their essence and that’s why we're drawn to keep those pieces? Why do I keep a coconut that was brought back from Cuba when my Father was there for the Bay of Pigs invasion in the ‘60’s? Or the cast iron Amish Family that I played with at my Grandmother’s as a child? Or the set of marble eggs with stands from a neighbor we had in Texas that taught me how to have a garden during the summer months?

In the store we have a hobnail milk glass vase with a pink finish on the outside. It’s a non-descript piece but the inside smells of perfume similar to White Shoulders or Lilly of the Valley. It’s been washed several times with soap and water but still retains the smell. We’ve named her Aunt Edna. Has the former owner attached herself to the piece? Is it a haunting, a weird coincidence or just a smelly vase?

I have read countless articles on the internet. Karen Frazier, a paranormal investigator and reporter for Paranormal Underground @, asked herself that same question. Karen did not start her journey as a believer of the paranormal, but after years of research said, “my experiences as an investigator changed my mind. Now I do believe that paranormal events happen. I don’t know for sure that you can say they’re ghosts, because we don’t know what a ghost is. I still look at everything with a skeptical eye, because too many people think that anything that goes bump in the night is a ghost—and it’s not. But some objects have some kind of an energy attached to them that manifests as what you would call a ‘haunting.’”

Many dealers can tell you a story of not buying a piece because it just did not feel right. Or plain and simple, it gave them the creeps. Did they pass up a treasure and it was all in their head? Only the ghost knows. And, "I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!"

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