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A Shop Owner's Life For Me

I often hear people who come into the shop suggest that they need to open a store of their own. I smile and chuckle because they have no idea what’s involved in making a shop successful. I have to admit I thought it would be labor intensive, but I had no idea how all encompassing it would become. Now don’t get me wrong, I love, truly love what I do and I could not have done it without the understanding, love and support of my family and friends.

Here is a glimpse into the life of a shop owner.

5am: Up with the sun and its time for household chores. Let the dog out, dishes, sort through the stacks of papers to see what needs done today and over breakfast some Facebook postings to advertise the store. Remember to pack a lunch. Catch up with the Hubs.

8am: Out the door and its time for errands. Bank, post office, ugh! Walmart for coffee, creamer, toilet bowl cleaner and paper towels. Call Mom and check in.

9am: Arrive at the store, turn on lights, clean the bathroom, check dealer sales, stock supplies.

10am: Open up. Check schedules and other admin duties. Return phone calls, run the register and check for Facebook notifications.

11am-4pm: Sales, team building, small talk, lunch maybe, check Facebook, price items, fix displays, sales, restock.

5pm: Turn off lights. Vacuum, get daily paperwork together, and make a list for tomorrow. What am I doing for dinner? Call the kids.

6pm-10pm: Eat dinner, check Facebook, play with the dog, work on a project—painting, sanding, and sewing. Read articles, books or online info to stay current with trends and pricing. Try to stay awake.

10pm: Kiss the hubs. AHHH, Sleep.

Rinse, repeat, seven days a week.

I will admit there are moments, however brief I think, “What was I thinking?” And then a good night sleep, a home-cooked meal and some belly laughs with friends and I’m good to go!

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