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The Power to Turn Back Time

I love the Direct TV ads with Bon Jovi. I saw him at a free concert at The Metron, a club in Harrisburg around 1984 when Runaway came out. Yes, I am that old. The point is, the “Power to Turn Back Time” is a skill I wish I had.

But maybe I can, using some tricks of the trade I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Age metal repairs: Build a bonfire and let it burn down to ash then bury the item in the ash and let it sit until the ash has cooled. Clean and polish as needed.

  2. Stains out of marble: Soak cotton balls in hydrogen peroxide, lay on the stain and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Let set over night, repeat as needed.

  3. Permanent markers cover small scratches in furniture. Then lightly wax over the entire surface.

  4. Remove Paint from hardware: Soak in boiling water

  5. If you need to repair a table top, remove it from the apron and legs. It’s a little extra work but worth it.

  6. Cleaning silver: Line a sink with aluminum foil shiny side up. Fill with boiling water and add baking soda place silver onto foil and tarnish will slowly disappear.

  7. To get rid of musty smell in wood drawers or trunks, spray with white vinegar and set in the sun. Or cheat and buy cheap dryer sheets and place inside.

  8. To clean cast iron, spray liberally with oven cleaner and place in a dark trash bag tied shut and let it sit in the sun on your driveway for several days. Rinse, re-spray and repeat if necessary. If all gunk is removed, bake at 350 until dry, If still not clean, oil and bake again until dry.

  9. To freshen carpets sprinkle with bicarbonate soda and fresh herbs [I use lavender] and vacuum.

  10. And finally, to clean old oil paintings use white bread or a bagel. Rub the white portions over the painting to remove grease and smoke build up. It takes patience. Then just brush the crumbs away.

That’s the power to turn back time (sung in my best Bon Jovi voice)!!!

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