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The List Goes On...

I was thinking back to the days of the Late Show with David Letterman and in the spirit of the top ten list I give you my top 5 reasons why you should buy Antique, Vintage or Repurposed Goods.

5. Quality and Unique: Many pieces were constructed during a time when oil dependency was uncommon and hand tools were used in construction.

4. Ethical: Vintage and Antique jewelry supports ethical buying. There are no worries about new impacts regarding unfair trade or cruelly mined gemstones.

3. History is preserved: They can be reused in new and creative ways when their original purpose is over, taking advantage of their high quality materials. They are recycled over and over again, providing utility, beauty and historical interest to each successive owner.

2. Better for your health: Formaldehyde is used in modern furniture as an adhesive. Since it becomes a gas at room temperature or greater, modern made furniture will outgas formaldehyde for up to ten years, posing a serious health threat to you and your loved ones.

The number 1 reason…Good for the Environment:

if you compare the journey of an antique to the world spanning travel of millions of “flat pack” new items you will find that antiques are still the environmental choice. Especially if you consider that once that antique does find its new owner, its life expectancy is often much longer than poorly made new alternatives.

The list could go on and in some future blog it just might. For now, I must make a new list… Top 5 desserts.

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