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Art Is Not Blind

Art doesn’t have to match your couch. Isn’t that how the quote goes?

Art is not easy to sell because often it is like waiting for Cinderella. Like the glass slipper, a piece of art started with the intentions of the artist who created it. Then the potential buyer must be drawn to the piece and the seller must help to bring together the story the original artist was trying to tell, resulting in a perfect fit and a happily ever after.

As an artist myself whenever I create a painting it becomes a part of me. I have a pile of paintings that I’ve made and just can’t part with. I’ve sold a few pieces over the years, but I always have seller’s remorse.

As a dealer of art, I often feel drawn to buy art because of the color, size, and subject matter. To be honest, ever since I became a seller of others art I stopped buying with my heart and started trying to find art that had a universal fit. Alas, that does not work. The glass slipper did not fit the ugly step sisters. The point is, Art is subjective.

As an art buyer my tastes are varied and unique. I love grouping like pictures together—for example my powder room is covered in the dogs playing poker series and my front room is done in local maps. Lately I have found a new obsession: folk art (kids guess who’s getting their rooms redecorated)!

This new found love of folk art led to the repainting of my windows at Morgantown

Market. One of our resident artists, Sharon McGinley, painted the folk art story on our shop windows.

Now I only hope my next art obsession isn’t Movie Monsters. I would not want to scare our customers…that will have to wait until Halloween.

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