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Old Mother Cupboard

My family and most of my non-antiquer friends love to get new pieces of furniture. They decide they need a new end table or coffee table, head out to Ray**** and Fl***** or Ik**, use the coupon and purchase the piece they need, have it delivered in 24 hours and they’re ready to put their feet up.

Then there’s me. I decide I need a new cupboard to replace my current one which still has its auction price tag on it so I can remember how much I paid for it. My kids will tell you everything in the house has a price tag including them.

That’s another blog entry.

I start my shopping. Over the course of several months I scanned antique malls, auctions and contacted my pickers to be on the look out for the cupboard I wanted. Now while most people want newer I want older. I finally find the piece and I pay too much because I’m in a bidding war at the auction. When I’m loading it I notice the door is split and a colony of mice took up residence in the bottom and used it as an outhouse. I unload it into my garage with my husband Doug’s help, who was watching golf and napping and does not see the charm in my newest purchase. Over the course of several weeks I clean and repair it.

On another Sunday afternoon the hubs helps me move it in and the old one out. It’s a NASCAR race day and he still doesn’t see the cupboards charm. It fits the space perfectly and Doug’s coming around. I think I’ll put the price on it because you never know, I might find an older one.

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