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Love and Attachments

My kids are home this week for spring break and I’m in my glory shopping, cooking and laughing. These moments don’t happen as frequently now that they’re away at college, so I’m making the most of them. In a round about way brings me to my topic: attachments—things you fall in love with. In the antique business we create all types of attachments from old tin road signs to furniture from someone else’s Grandma.

My attachment comes in the way of an old industrial rack that I trash picked. Nothing is better than free and it was mine. I used it in my kitchen for pots and pans. I LOVED it!

When I needed something easier to clean I brought it to the shop to sell. Did I tell you I loved it? I will admit I put a really high price on it because I was not ready to give it up. I knew I’d never find another and I was proud of the pick.

Just this week it dawned on me— I was storing my lovely industrial rack, not selling it, the price was lowered to something more reasonable and it should sell any day.

A thousand dollars sounds about right. Right? I mean, it comes with history. It is super cool. It would be great in your kitchen. Or…. (le sigh) back in my kitchen!

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