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The Stuff We Leave Behind

Recently we had o​ne of our older merchants pass away. It was unexpected and left the Morgantown Market family with a missing piece. Her family was devastated. She was the glue that held everyone together. Once all the good-byes were said the process of cleaning out began.

It is heart-wrenching to have to clean out a lifetime of memories and treasures. It’s especially hard when an antique dealer, merchant, crafter, or saver dies.

Many families don’t share the enthusiasm for the ”stuff.” Consequently, details about booth spaces, leases, consignments, and outstanding checks are often a mystery. I took an unscientific poll this afternoon and found that 2 out of 3 people did not have anyone who knew where they had their stuff, what they do and how to contact the manager of the co-op.

Hopefully, most people have a Will, and or a Living Will. Instead of a will let's make a co-op decree, an antique declaration, an old goat order, a time-worn testament or just directions written out on what to do with the “stuff."

Included in your decree should be the shop or shops name, the owner's name, all addresses, and phone numbers. Add the location of booth space and dealer code. Let your family know the details of your lease or better yet, add a copy and highlight the critical

information. Include whether the shop is holding a security deposit or last month and the amount? Finally, write down how you want your family to disperse your merchandise. Do you want them to sell it, send it to auction, donate it? It’s all up to you! You created your business with blood, sweat, and tears, take a stand and say what happens to it.

Have I done it? I’ve told the hubs and the kids what to do because the shop is my dream, not theirs. I guess I’ll write it down, stick it on the fridge with the notation, “Those we love, truly never leave us, there are things that death can't touch.

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