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Hidden Treasures

I had a little more free time this week then I usually do. So I cleaned out a closet and a cupboard or two. I the course of my cleaning I realized 2 things. First I have many more collections then I will admit to and second, I have to consider getting rid of a cupboard because it has become a hiding place for everything.

Let’s review what I found:

  1. Collection of small porcelain animal figurines (I don’t really like figurines)

  2. Black Americana Collection

  3. Lot of Victorian prints

  4. Box of half burned candles (more then 3, its technically a collection)

  5. Collection of Industrial pickle jars (Do we eat that many pickles?)

  6. Bin of picnic supplies, paper plates, cups, plastic silverware

  7. Antique Easter tree ornaments

  8. Salt and Pepper shakers

  9. Coins (I’m good for the Laundromat for years.)

  10. And some clothes ranging from 1920 to 2006. (I can’t really explain this one.)

My name is Stacey and I’m a hoarder or am I a packrat? Maybe a better term would be squirrel. I did have it all hidden away like a squirrel hides nuts. Yikes!

At the moment it’s all piled neatly ready to go to the shop for sale. I’ve replaced the solid door cupboard with a glass door corner cupboard I had in the garage. It has issues. The hubs says the interior smells like vomit and this time I agree. Something may have died in it sometime in the past. Oh, my glamorous life. I figure the glass front will keep me neater and more organized. Now I just have to decide which collection I will fill it with. Maybe nice European Chicken-wire Enamelware.

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