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Doll Head Rules

Hello everyone.

It’s me again, Stacey Thompson, over involved Mom, organized hoarder turned empty nester and home décor shop owner.

I was up this morning at the crack of dawn because lets face it, ladies you know, after a certain age, we don’t sleep any more.

Most of the conversations I have at work involve types of collections people accumulate. Everything from beer crates to Liberty Blue dishes to galvanized buckets, and with each collection comes a set of individualized collecting rules: “I only collect Liberty Blue serving dishes”…“I only collect pre-prohibition beer crates”…“I only collect French galvanized buckets” (I didn’t know there was a difference). But nonetheless rules are rules.

I have several collections— Fiesta dinnerware, “instant relative” oil paintings and doll heads. The Fiesta is a multi-entry for the blog. The oil paintings are currently stacked under the bed until I get my hall way painted, so maybe June for that one. But today I thought I’d talk about my doll head collection.

Rules for my doll head collecting:

  1. Head must be already detached from the body.

  2. No doubles. Face must be unique.

  3. Price, all heads must be under $20.

  4. No plastic or porcelain. Composition, tin or wax is a must.

  5. There are exceptions to every rule.

I keep them in a glass front cupboard in my office. Most guests and my kids think they’re creepy— I think they’re fun. I think of the history and the love they received from owners past. It makes me happy to save them from the landfill.

My next collection (add pregnant pause) I’ll know it when I see it, and the rules…they’ll come later.

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