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Stacey Thompson

Stacey and her husband Doug are the the proud owners of Morgantown Market. Stacey's dream of owning her own antique store started back in High School when she visited a friend's parent's antique store. Stacey's early collection of Barbies and rocks was soon replaced with large sand dollar-shaped, (gaudy by her definition) Rhinestone Jewelry and old dusty stuff.  She had an eye even then to pick pieces that would be the antiques of tomorrow. That is where Almosta Antique began its germination. 

Today Stacey continues the tradition by selling what she calls "starter antiques" - "They look good, are well made and I pick pieces that are affordable." Stacey has gotten a lot of advice over the years and has combined her love of The Cinnamon Stick (owner Judy Doyle) and Whitehorse Antiques (owners Deb and Chris).  "I wanted to find the balance of  Antiques and old/new decor and gifts." I think of our store as an Antique Boutique. A place where you can find an antique spinning wheel and just the right hostess gift to take when you visit a friend."


The greatest support of her love of the business comes from her family. Her husband Doug can be found bidding on items at auction, often mans (no pun intended) the register, and puts fires out on the weekends. "This is a family business," Stacey often says. "Our children have a vested interest and help out when they are home from college or when we have big events like our Anniversary sale."   


"I do what I love and wish everyone could feel what it is like to work with a big smile on your face."  

Blue Wings Studio

Meet Sue McKenna, owner of Blue Wings Boutique.

As a young girl Sue's mother would take her to estate and garage sales. This is where her love for the hunt began. "When my Great Aunt died, my Mother and I rummaged through her house and came upon a Lane Cedar Chest and with my Mom's help, it would become the first piece of furniture I would transform."

BP Gifts and Collectibles

 Barbara Brooks is the protector of four- legged creatures and one of the owners of BP Gifts and Collectibles. Barbara has been in the business of hunting beautiful pieces to bring your home to life for the past forty years.


Barbara's husband Paul is the master craftsman of the P in BP Gifts and Collectibles. He brings to Morgantown Market silverware wind chimes and Industrial light fixtures to name a few. This duo works together like a well -oiled machine.

Paul says, "I want you to know that Barbara is a master organizer and the ultimate huntress when it comes to finding the unique items we sell."


Barbara's motto is, be helpful! She says, "it is so important to help the customer find the items they are looking for. It is in the conversation that you have with them, that you zero in on just the right piece. Barbara calls that the Aha moment."

Time moves quickly. Thirty years ago Barbara and Paul opened their first shop in Chadds Ford under the name Valley Forge Woodworks. Paul says, "We loved our shop in Chadds Ford, but decided to move out to Morgantown a number of years ago and we love it."


Stop by and browse Barbara and Paul's two booths at Morgantown Market and follow them on Facebook. 'Times are a changing', and this duo is keeping up with it.

Joan Broft

Joan Broft is one of Morgantown Market's talented artists. She came to the market just about two years ago hoping to sell off some of her Father's collectibles. One rainy day she shared a bit of her story.

Joan started her career in the art field after graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. She worked in various advertising agencies in and around Philadelphia. "I started in the field at a time when most graphics and ads were done by hand. That discipline helped me to hone my lettering skills."

Joan continued to work for fifteen more years in her field and then had a set of fraternal twins. That is when her freelance career began. "I did package design, custom art pieces for friends and began to sell specialty tiles in a local gift shop in Eagle."


Lisa Gerber

Lisa, by her definition is a hoarder of vintage clothing, hats, accessories, kitchen items, furniture and just about anything quirky that catches her eye. "I honestly watch the television show “Hoarders” just to remind myself that I do not want my children to be rolling their eyes on camera as they tell my story of how it all started, while the lens pans over to me cowering in the corner sobbing because they want to take my hat collection to the thrift store."


Over the years, Lisa has collected it all, hats in boxes, antique dresses, sparkly jewelry, creepy mime figurines, furniture, old dusty books, tea pots and tea cups. These items, along with new collections moved with her from Ohio, to Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California and back to Pennsylvania. Lisa decorated her homes with an eclectic mix of old items found at auction and dumpster diving and new items always at deep discount. Lisa became the go to friend when someone needed just the right piece in their foyer and was sent on buying missions to find them at just the right prices.

Lisa has sold her vintage clothing, antiques and decor in many brick and mortar stores over the years and even pulled out of a shop to sell exclusively online; but she missed being surrounded by like minded people and helping customers find the best pieces for their homes. "Morgantown Market is truly the best shop I have been a part of. I learn something new every day and I appreciate that the Thompsons have given me the support and freedom to run my small business as part of a collective of so many amazing merchants."   

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