December 30, 2019

How many of you think this year went fast? Holy cow, look at all those hands. I believe its a consequence of time travel and the Mandela effect ( I watch conspiracy videos on my days off). Because I don’t want to get into quantum physics, so lets talk about clocks.

We’ll skip the sundial thing because everyone learned that in school. We’ll also skip over the water clock by the Egyptians and the candle clock created by the Saxons.

The first mechanical clock (its creator unknown) dates to the 13 century and the oldest working...

December 17, 2019

Retailers love the Christmas shopping season, but Antique Shop owner's thoughts turn to Spring booth vignettes. It’s a damp Tuesday and I’m trying to motivate myself to run errands before the heavy rain starts. So, to delay, I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole and ended up looking at patterns for pincushions, traditional tomato pin cushions. How did the tomato pincushion come about?

During the Victorian Era, it became common practice to give a family a fresh tomato which was placed on a mantle to ward off evil spirits and...

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