July 31, 2017

Blog ideas are odd; sometimes they come in a flash, and other times I struggle to find something to write. Inspiration comes from many places a piece of furniture, an article I’ve read or something that happened in the store. This week I’m concentrating on moving my kids from here to there, so let’s talk about the value of setting up a household with recycled, reused and repurposed items.

Let’s start in the living room; I was able to purchase two end tables and a floor lamp for $64 at various resale shops and Goodwill. Comp...

July 11, 2017

Ain’t it great to be a gangster. That song plays in my head every time I commit a drive-by of a yard sale.  Ok, in reality, I only know that lyric and repeat it like an earworm; I think I heard it in a movie.

The drive by yard sale is a common occurrence in Saturday yard sales. It involves a slow roll while looking for items that will rule out stopping. My turnoffs are Little Tikes Play Sets, diaper pails, kids clothes and Ikea bookcases. If I spy any of these things, I just keep on rolling. Now, to be honest, I have the wo...

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