September 26, 2016

When dealers see jewelry sell at the shop, often times they ponder, “Should I sell gold or silver?” The reason for this question is because they are in awe that something so small can command such a large price tag. My answer is always the same; “If you want to loose a lot of money really fast give it a try.” I do not claim to be an expert but I have had some excellent teachers over the years that have helped me understand the basics of Silver. 

I’ll start by saying if you can find a reputable silver dealer to tak...

September 5, 2016

An antique dealer needs to know a little bit about a lot of things and know where to look when filling in the blanks. It used to mean an office full of Antique and Collectibles reference books. Now with a click of the mouse I can find information quickly using Google, reverse imaging or eBay.

When I first started in the business I would find an odd piece and read as much as I could about it. I still have photocopies of China markings stuffed into reference books. This search for information was like a mystery or a detective...

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