April 25, 2016

In the world of Antique and Collectibles, when someone dies we often make more money than we would have had they lived.  I call this the ugly side of the business. Last week when music icon Prince died, collectors around the globe went into a tizzy. As of today, there were 2,161 listings on eBay for albums, 11,014 for t-shirts, and 649 poster listings. One vendor sold 115 posters at $15 a pop that’s $1725. Is this crazy, smart or both? Does Karma even factor into the equation?


Here’s another example from a couple of years...

April 13, 2016

My family and most of my non-antiquer friends love to get new pieces of furniture. They decide they need a new end table or coffee table, head out to Ray**** and Fl***** or Ik**, use the coupon and purchase the piece they need, have it delivered in 24 hours and they’re ready to put their feet up.


Then there’s me. I decide I need a new cupboard to replace my current one which still has its auction price tag on it so I can remember how much I paid for it. My kids will tell you everything in the house has a price tag includin...

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