March 29, 2016

This week while trolling through Pinterest I came across a new term, “junk gardening” and of course, I had to research it. What I found out was this current trend in gardening was something I have been doing for years. I just never knew it had a name and I just thought I was being thrifty.


I was never a fan of plastic pots that fade and crack over time. In my house plastic is a dirty word. Everything from tin cans to galvanized buckets, restaurant colanders and old wood boxes became my planters of choice. For years, I...

March 21, 2016

My kids are home this week for spring break and I’m in my glory shopping, cooking and laughing. These moments don’t happen as frequently now that they’re away at college, so I’m making the most of them. In a round about way brings me to my topic: attachments—things you fall in love with. In the antique business we create all types of attachments from old tin road signs to furniture from someone else’s Grandma.


My attachment comes in the way of an old industrial rack that I trash picked. Nothing is better than free and it w...

March 5, 2016

Hello everyone.


It’s me again, Stacey Thompson, over involved Mom, organized hoarder turned empty nester and home décor shop owner.


I was up this morning at the crack of dawn because lets face it, ladies you know, after a certain age, we don’t sleep any more.  


Most of the conversations I have at work involve types of collections people accumulate.  Everything from beer crates to Liberty Blue dishes to galvanized buckets, and with each collection comes a set of individualized collecting rules: “I only collect Liberty Blue...

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